The TAVENCHI Code NFT Collection is currently a collection of 1/1 digital collectables designed by JOYSBOY. Each collectable is a modified version of the Phone Home Area Code Logos designed by undiscovered artist, JOYSBOY; there will be mini collections such as the Gold Code Collection, Chrome Home Collection, etc. within the overall TAVENCHI Collection, all with a different graphic effect created and collected throughout JOYSBOY's

graphic arts journey. 

The TAVENCHI Codes will come in 2 forms, the OG Codes which are the codes with just numbers & the Special Codes which are the codes that have something extra added to the number; the different forms make the Special Codes more valuable than the OG Codes. There will also be a super rare form of Tavenchi Codes released on Rariable; these codes are referred to as Tavenchi Spinners, these  will be upgraded versions of the OG and Special codes with motion and animation. 

Special prizes and rewards will be gifted to those who can collect the same Tavenchi Codes from various collections.

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The TAVENCHI Codes are 100% authentic and original creations thought of by and named after undiscovered creative genius Tamaar Lee, and designed by his alter ego JOYSBOY.

The idea to use different area codes and arrange them into unique designs  stems from a logo design project that JOYSBOY was working on in 2019 for streetwear brand, "Phone Home". JOYSBOY was trying to think of a logo design that could be universal like a sports team logo without just altering the already existing logos, and the TAVENCHI Code was created. 



The TAVENCHI Code is more than just digital art pieces and collectors items, it's a code to live by; giving the collectors and our community a cool new way to put on for the home team and represent where they're from. Once purchased, NFT holders will be able to use their TAVENCHI Code to let the blockchain know what part of the world they're claiming as their home turf.

In addition to the ability to represent,

- Tavenchi Code NFT holders will have early access to Phone Home releases,

- Access to special Phone Home releases only for NFT holders,

- NFT holders will automatically be entered into giveaway drawings, and

- NFT holders will  be gifted care packages with their TAVENCHI Code on various Phone Home items  (sweatsuits, hats, shirts, art, etc.) throughout the year.

The first collector of each Tavenchi Code will receive a printed canvas or framed poster of the code along with a signed certificate of authentication for the physical art piece.



JOYSBOY is a self taught graphic artist born and raised in Atlanta, at the age of 17 JOYSBOY was gifted a laptop with Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop by his Auntie Tasha after telling her he was interested in graphic design to make cover art for his homies and starting a clothing line for himself.

 Since that day JOYSBOY has only been using online tutorials along with trial & error with various design techniques to perfect his skillset, until he connected with his mentor Mr. Soul in 2019 and started getting tips and feedback to take his creations to the next level from one of Ohio's most creative geniuses.

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